All that hard work you put into getting clients to visit your website can be undone quickly if you’re not delivering what visitors expect. Good website design is an art. Bad website design is a liability. Here are three of the top reasons your bounce rate is too high.

1. The Need for Speed

If your site takes too long to load you’re losing clients. KISSmetrics reports 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in two seconds or less, and 40% abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load. Even a one-second delay decreases customer satisfaction by about 16%. Even worse news, consumers don’t necessarily take into account their wifi or mobile providers but instead blame the end client. Optimising your site’s performance should be top of the list for any online business. At Well & Fresh we closely monitor page load time and implement techniques to keep your site speed performance optimised. Curious to see how your site’s doing? Try PageSpeed Insights by Google here.

2. Make Mine To Go

Since May 2015, more Google searches were done on mobile devices than computers in over 10 countries. And since April 2015, Google counts mobile friendliness as a ranking signal – so if your site is not mobile friendly it’s not only putting off clients who arrive at your site but you’re going to have a harder time getting them to see your site at all. From May of this year, this ranking signal has been strengthened by Google so if you’re not mobile friendly you are really missing out. You can test your site’s mobile friendliness here.

3. Lost in Space

So now that they’ve found your website, and have made it past the homepage, you’re home free, right? Wrong. The third biggest complaint from web searchers is poor navigation. If you’re not taking your clients on a journey that they understand – and know how to navigate their way forward and back- they’re quickly losing interest. A clear navigation plan and visible menus make it easy for your audience to understand and move around with ease.


Finally (and a bonus No4) don’t forget to include a clear call to action for your visitors to take up! Studies have shown that a staggering 70% of business websites lack a clear call to action – this can be something as simple as including a ‘Contact Us’ button on each page or in a sidebar. It doesn’t have to be pop-ups all over the place (No 5 – another blog to come!).

Want to talk about your website’s performance and what you can do to improve speed, mobile presence and navigation? Get in touch with us for a free website audit before 31 July 2016.